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‘To Hell with Your Ratification’: Sarkisian Threatens to Withdraw Protocols

NEW YORK (A.W.)—President Serge Sarkisian delivered a strongly worded statement at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly, threatening to recall the protocols from Parliament. Click here for full article and text of President Sarkisian’s speech”: President Sarkisian’s UN Address Text Click here to watch and listen to President Sarkisian’s entire speech: Armenia, General Debate, 69th … Continue reading

Catholicosate of Cilicia to Sue Turkey over Historic Headquarters in Sis

YEREVAN (A.W.)—Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church said the Holy See was preparing to initiate legal claims against Turkey to regain ownership of the historic headquarters of the Catholicosate of Sis. Click here to read more: Armenian Weekly

Julian Assange Says Talk of Armenian Genocide Censored in Turkey

ISTANBUL—“Censorship in Turkey has advanced. Many were happy to see that with respect to Kurdish and Armenian Genocide issues. Now it has spread onto everything else,” said Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, during an online question and answer session with the participants of the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. Click here to read … Continue reading