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Amal Clooney accuses Turkey of hypocrisy on freedom of speech in Armenian genocide trial

Amal Clooney, the human rights barrister, has accused Turkey of double standards on freedom of expression for defending a Turkish Leftist who described the Armenian genocide an “international lie”. Mrs Clooney, who is representing Armenia on behalf of Doughty Street Chambers along with Geoffrey Robertson QC, said Turkey’s stance was hypocritical “because of its disgraceful … Continue reading

UCLA Student Govt. Passes Resolution Calling for Divestment from Turkey

WESTWOOD—University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) student body government on Tuesday night unanimously voted to divest $72.6 million dollars worth of University of California bonds and investments in the Republic of Turkey for their crimes in and the continued denial of the Armenian Genocide. The resolution titled “A Resolution to Divest from the Republic of … Continue reading

‘Straw Dolls’: A Film about the Armenian Genocide

LOS ANGELES—New Jersey native and filmmaker Jon Milano is honoring his connection to the Armenian community with “Straw Dolls,” a film that focuses on the Armenian Genocide of 1915. “Having grown up with such a strong Armenian community in New Jersey, this is a subject that is close to my heart,” Milano said. “Your friends … Continue reading

Genocide and Kim Kardashian: The Bloody History Behind System of a Down’s Tour

By Kory Grow | January 8, 2015 Between their spasmodic rhythms and jagged melodies, System of a Down have always been committed to a sobering cause: raising recognition for the Armenian genocide of 1915. The group’s self-titled debut LP contained a song called “P.L.U.C.K.,” in which frontman Serj Tankian sang “A whole race, genocide/Taken away … Continue reading